Tech Tip: Easiteach File Merge

I am trying to get back into the tech tip blog, but things are hectic with the end of the nine weeks here already. I was working with Easiteach in Mrs. Velto’s class today and found an easier way to pull up files onto Easiteach. This takes away the need to copy or cut, and paste.

You can just “Merge” files into Easiteach from your “u-drive” or computer. It is a rather simple process unless you are going to try a Word Document, that is another step or two, but manageable. Previously we were copying and pasting everything into Easiteach from open documents, but this removes that step. Once you have them on Easiteach, save the information as a master file and then you can make changes and adjustments from there.

The actual written directions can be found on this page of our CFF wiki. If you have any questions about doing this, feel free to e-mail me at dsalvucci(at)

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