iPod Rollout: Day Two

The second day of the iPod rollout was similar to Day One; PSSA make ups kept my class numbers around ten students. I had a mix of students from the previous day and a few students who were logging in for the first time. I had the students partner up one to one with iPods and review how to set up the Google Apps info on the iPods. That went smoothly.

The next step was to have the students use the iPods to log into their Evernote accounts. Evernote on the iPods allows you to create text notes and voice notes. It also allows you to view pictures you have captured. We concentrated on text notes. The students logged into their accounts and typed information with the iPod Touch keyboard. They then synchronized the notes by hitting the “Save” button in the upper right hand side of the screen. You also have the option of sending the note to an e-mail address. I do not plan on using this option much, all of my students are signed up for free Evernote accounts.

I walked around the room and monitored the students as they worked and was able to work one on one with them if they had questions. Towards the end of the period I collected the iPods in about fivc minutes time. Once again, the students intialed a roster sheet as they signed the iPods out and in again. The students were starting to see how useful the iPods could be in a class setting.

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