iPod Project Update: Hiccup in system.

I have been using Documents 2, the free version to use as a word processor on the iPod Touches. We have an issue and are trying to find a work around. My students can edit and add information to documents that were originated on Documents 2 and uploaded to our districts’ Google Apps Domain, but cannot edit documents that originated in another program.

I paid for the upgrade to Documents 2, the pay version and it does not address the issue. Students will only be using iPod Touches in my classroom. In study hall, or outside of school they will be using some other form of computer. I will be working on this fix for awhile. I tossed it out to the students, offering extra credit to the first to find the fix. So far there have been no takers.

I am in the process of contacting Savvy Soda, the app creator, to see if they know how to correct the issue.

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