iPod Rollout: All In.

After several days of limited roll out with the iPods, we went all in. I have 24 to 25 students in each class. I allotted about 10 to 15 minutes for signing the iPods out and another 10 to 15 minutes for signing the iPods back in. I was hoping it would take less time. The first day, we averaged about 10 minutes with each process, a little longer turning them back in. This is an issue with 40 minute periods, but time for logging in and out should decrease as we get used to the system.

The students were able to jump right in with Google Docs using Documents 2. They began using Documents 2 to type definitions for class and take notes. Some students chose to use Evernote, which is also a free app to take notes. I left the choice up to the students.

If a student needed to use the hall pass, their iPod was turned over to me until they returned.

All of the resources we are using to gain information are Internet based, so students can jump around on the Internet with Safari to view sites and record notes on the program of their choosing. In the beginning their was a bit of awkwardness with the system.

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