iPods in Class

The use of the iPods in class is one way that I definitely can keep up with the class and all of the information that is needed to know. I was actually not too excited about using iPods in class but now, it’s one thing that I look forward to.
The iPods are so easy to use. Since we are living by the technology of our time, electronics like these are extremely simple to use. I can honestly say that I have never once even held an iPod Touch in my life, nor have I ever owned an iPod, until I took Mr. Sal’s POD class. Once I started using the electronic device that was completely new to me, I figured it out rather quickly. Just figuring out what all the buttons did, adjusting volume, the use of all the apps, turning the iPod to make the screen change, etc…
One thing that I like about the iPod Touch is that the buttons are heat sensitive, not pressure sensitive. I have a pressure sensitive phone and every time I put it in my purse or in my pocket, I’m calling someone or typing crazy text messages. I also really like that the iPod has a lock feature. The lock feature can prevent all those half hour calls to some random person that you didn’t mean to call and all those absurd texts.
Also another thing that I liked about using the iPods in class is that everything is so accessible to you. Everything is so quick. Unlike a regular computer, the iPod Touch is basically a “I want this done now and wow, now it’s done!” device. Computers take foreeeever to load. For instance, when I turned my computer on to write this blog, 10 minutes; 10 minutes for my so-called “fast” computer to turn on, and not to mention, for it to load completely, so that I can use it. Sure, they come out with new looking computers that are supposed to be faster but ‘I’m not talking fashion, so much as function.’
Another thing I like about the iPod is that typing is so simple. The buttons are so clear to read and I like that it’s basically a keyboard so most people already know where all the buttons are. I use the Notepad app to store all of my notes for class. Using this quick and easy app helps me to not fall behind with notes. If I had to write down all the information on paper, I would still be in the 3rd nine weeks of the school year. I’m usually not a good note-keeper, but using the iPod Touch, I’d have to say that I am now quite organized in my POD class.
The only problem that I am having with using the iPod touch is that the screen is, to me, small. But I mean, you can make whatever you’re looking at on the screen bigger, so I guess I don’t really have any complaints or anything that I would change.
Overall, I believe that the iPod is a revolution. It’s easy to use, accessible, and who doesn’t have fun using an electronic device that is personalized and you can do pretty much whatever you want on it? You can’t tell me that you don’t even like the sound of an electronic device, that can fit in your pocket, that can do almost everything that a computer does. I really enjoy using the iPods in class and I think that Mr. Sal should, for the future classes, keep using them.

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