Sportster’s Pizza

In the spirit of full disclosure, when I am in Geneva on the Lake, Ohio, I focus on few things besides the beach and the lake.  One is Capo’s Pizza, I grew up eating it summer after summer and I consider it tops anywhere.  The other, I added another pizza to the list, Sportsters.  It was a 9 inch pie for three dollars. We added pepperoni and my daughter was very happy.  They run a special on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Much to my wife’s pleasure and my consternation, she snapped a few pictures of me not only eating the pizza, but enjoying it.  Oh well, Capos does not open until later in the day during the week, so we could not have eaten there for lunch anyway.  I must begrudgingly admit, that there are now two pizzas I can enjoy when up in Geneva on the Lake.