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Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

Sharing resources and ideas for use with interactive whiteboards. Also, partner with THE 2010 INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD CHALLENGE Round 1 in June Round 2 in September: – for teachers AND STUDENTS.

Dana Huff

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I will address two resources in this post, Diigo and Interactive WhiteBoards, (IWBs). The district I teach in, the New Brighton Area School District, added Polyvision Eno Boards, a specific brand of IWB in most classrooms in the High School. They were able to do this through a grant from the government aimed at the secondary level.

Now that we have the boards, our staff needs access to ideas and resources so they can use them effectively in the classroom. Since I may be back in the classroom full-time I will not be able to go in and co-teach as I have in the past. That is where Diigo comes into play. On a quick Google search for IWB resources, a group on Diigo, that I had not yet seen, popped up. I joined the open group dedicated to IWB resources and now I have hundreds of free resources added to my library of class tools.

It is that simple…create a Diigo account, look over some groups, join and you have hundreds if not thousands of resources and tools at your disposal. You also have an instant Professional Learning Network, (PLN),that you can cultivate and learn from. Granted you will need to look through the ideas and resources, but much of the research has already been done, or at least started. Ah…so little time, so much already set up for me…I love my PLN, they ROCK!

I have a page on our staff resource wiki dedicated to IWBs also, the URL is The key to remember is that YOUR STUDENTS are to use the IWB, not watch you use it!!!

Now back to the last vestiges of summer…

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