Friday, April 3, 2020 Class Update

Good morning, here is today’s class update, there is not an assignment for today.

Here is the text of the update, please note that I ad lib a good bit, so the written version may not be precise:

Good morning, I have a few things to go over today first and foremost, there is not an assignment for today, please complete any work from this week that you have not finished. More people have been completing work, I am glad to have you guys back even if it is only online.  If you are working on one of the optional extra credit assignments please give me an update on how your work is coming along. Based upon your responses to the second assignment, I have some more information for you.

People are having concerns about asking questions while they work on new content, again, please do not be afraid to ask questions.  You can send me an email. I will have a Google Chat Room Open throughout each day, I can invite students over to that and discuss your issues.  I will post the office hours daily once we start up. Those hours can also be adjusted as necessary, please remember this online learning will be a work in progress throughout the entirety of the experience.  We will and I’m sure your other teachers will be adjusting what we do as the year goes on. I am sure there will always be room for improvement, we will do our best to make this successful.

I will post Monday’s work early, by 8 AM in Edmodo.  There will be support videos, tutorials posted as needed, I will email you as they go out with the links to them included.

On a more positive note…Thank you for the playlists, I listened to parts of each song, I plan on listening to the music in its entirety over the weekend, then I will push out the playlists to you early next week,  

One last item, this weekend, rest up, take your mind off things, go out in the sun if you can do so safely.  Have a great weekend.


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