Could Verizon iPhone Stem Android iOS Assault? » Phone Reviews

As Android embraces 4G, Apple lags in getting aboard the new faster network, and AT&T will be left dragging their heels towards 4G which isn’t good for the future of the iPhone. Thus eventually AT&T will lose their exclusive hold over the iPhone, it’s been on the cards for ages but just why Apple insists on keeping the iPhone tied to a single carrier in the states is somewhat confusing as in other countries the iPhone is available on most networks.

While Android continues to spread across the globe it’s fairly obvious Android will become greater due to the amount of devices carrying the platform, but there may be one little way Apple can counteract Android overtaking iOS, and that is by delivering the much sought after Verizon iPhone, which just lately has been rumoured as coming in January 2011.

The big question I face is, “Do I wait for the iPoe on Verizon, or do I run with the Droid?” I am familiar with the iPod apps which are almost identical to the iPhone. I am looking into an iPad which is the same platform and meshes nicely with my Macbook. Staying in my comfort zone would be nice, and I do use iPod Touches in my classroom, so it benefits me to stay in the Mac platform.

Jumping to and learning the new platform would probably be good for my career, but can I sync all of my hardware and share information between the machines? That will be the big research question I need to address over the next 3 months. I’m am fairly certain that I can push docs out to Google and use that as my home base, since the Droid is their machine and all my other devices can access Google.

Any input from my PLN is greatly appreciated.