Video Conferencing

I know I have been beating this topic over the head since the Polycom training, but I am fired up.  Several teachers have contacted me about video linking our classrooms for lessons.  I am working on several ideas which should be interesting to see how they turn out.  I need to brush up on my Technoman skills.  The first several attempts with my new webcam lead to fatal errors and my computer shutting down, but I believe I have that remedied!!!!  At least until the next time I forget to turn off the webcam programs when I log into Skype.  I hope to have some comments on my successful attempts and video conferencing here in the near future!

Variety Show

Yesterday was our last day of classes before holiday break and we had our traditional school-wide variety show.  I have to say that I was very impressed.  I know our kids have talent, but sources of the talent were greatly varied yesterday.  The students were great on stage and in the audience, no lighter or cell phone incidents this year!!!!!!!  The highlight of the show was one of our shyest students get up and dance to “Greased Lightning” from Grease.  He was nervous before the show, went to practice several hours before he was supposed to and almost got cold feet.  He received an ovation when he got on stage and at the end of his routine.  The other performers mobbed him afterwards, it was terrific to see him get that kind of support.  I must say it was the best way to start the holidays from work.  I may just put a few bonus points out to those who took the time to perform and help out behind the scenes, they deserve something besides a few words on an obscure blog.

Eduwiki Meeting on Dec 5, 2007

The Eduwiki site is an invaluable resource for educators who are looking to enter the world of online teaching, or are already pros at it.  I am middling in skills, I know enough to be dangerous or helpful depending on your outlook on life, but still have much more to learn. The meeting was informational and fun. I enjoyed the discussions with everyone, and took away a bunch of notes and sources I need to research.

Check out the site when you get a chance.

The link to the site is:

Terror in the Streets…or just a little venting on a sunny Thursday afternoon.

I was informed this morning,by a colleague, that students are at times afraid to come to my class. I learned this as I was making students get rid of food and beverages that they were not supposed to have outside of the cafeteria area. This happens because I am mean…I ask them to follow the rules…sort of humorous in a sad way if you ask me…what does that say about other teachers? Do they not ask that rules be followed? I know the answer…and it infuriates me that some people don’t. There are some who do as asked and enforce school code, which is part of our job afterall, and those who feel that it is too much of a hassle.

“The kids get upset and you have paperwork and phone calls…” So I get to be one of the “bad guys”… that’s fine. I do as I am asked, I signed up for the job and I do love what I do. I just get angry when others can’t seem to hold up there end…It sounds funny if not down right stupid, but it is unfair to those students who violoate rules and cheat and do not do their work and get punished for their behavior, while other students do the same things, get caught, but get away with things because we do not want to do our jobs…

God forbid my daughter does something wrong in school and gets caught and punished while others are caught and overlooked…I would be in the principal’s office, the superintendent’s office, and then the school board meetings…looking for someone’s head on a platter. My daughter would still be in trouble with me, big time…wrong is wrong, but uneven punishment is worse. It is a bad message to send to the children.