My First Post From My Droid

After way to much fretting and deliberation I finally got a smartphone.  My wife bought me a Droid X as an early Christmas gift.  I want to thank all of those in my PLN who have put up with and answered all of my questions on the topic.

The last phone I purchased was the Envy 2, at full price.  Two months later, the phone was being sold for under fifty dollars…and my phone always ghost dialed others…much to their annoyance.

Anyway, I am digging the new phone, it is a bit more bulky than my iPod Touch, but it is not overly clunky and awkward.  It is nottaking too much effort to become comfortable on this new platform.  I already downloaded most of my regularly used iPod apps and am looking into the new ones such as the mobile microsoft office app suite.

The big geek excitement will be when I successfully tether my other mobile devices and my laptop off of this phone to have full mobile access.  The goal is to be able to work from wherever I would like, preferably sitting on a deck overlooking a beach with a cup of coffee in the morning.  I tend to enjoy being at the beach in the summer, and this will allow me to do that and still have the ability to work, a necessary task until I become independently wealthy.

Happy holidays!