Collaborative Assignments

So, my students are winding up their collaborative projects that I have posted about previously, click here to view.  The last couple of days students have made a a concerted effort to finish up the projects.  Students have been staying after school, using my open door policy by coming in during their study halls, lunch periods, or any other free time, and asking questions after hours via Edmodo.  While I admire their efforts, I believe that if they started out this focused on the project, there would be no need for as much effort now.  I do realize that the dreaded, state mandated, standardized tests were last week which created a different atmosphere for the start of the project.  Being entrenched in the holiday season and weekly threat of “SNOWMAGEDDON X” from the local weather forecasters has added to the ongoing list of distractions for this project.

Digital Housekeeping

Yesterday, I was reflecting on some of my notes from PETE & C last week.  I am trying to round out my digital footprint from strictly “Techno Geek” stuff to adding more of the “Social, Non-Educational Me” stuff.  In the process of reflecting I noticed that my iPhone is running out of storage space.  Upon further review, I had over 380 new pictures that were not uploaded anywhere for safe keeping.

Since I was off from work, I decided to do some “Digital Housekeeping.”   I opened up several photo apps on my iPhone and began uploading the images to the appropriate websites.  I keep my family photos on one website, they are locked down as private; there is nothing inappropriate on the site, I am just more comfortable not sharing EVERYTHING with the world.

I also uploaded a bunch of images to my Flickr account.  This account has all of the images labeled with the Creative  Commons Reusable with Attribution license.  I place many generic, everyday photos of things I come in contact with here.  I make my students search for open source and resusable images when creating projects for class.  It is my belief that I should give back to the system and add images for others to use.

All images sent to Flickr also go to my family storage site, there is an overlap, but storage is free, so why not take advantage of the space.  Once I upload images, I am working on keeping only my favorites on my device.  This will free up Gigabytes of space on my phone and allow me to record many more family moments and general interesting events I see.  I need to do digital housekeeping on a regular basis and I still have a long way to go with pairing down the images on my devices.

My PETE & C Story

My PETE & C Story

My Notes from PETE & C 2014

  1. @LexieKon Thank you for the resources! Will use  to collect the notes from today’s #pete2014
  2. Sweet! You can build and display badges in a WordPress plugin! Nice deal! #pete2014
  3. Decisions is a GREAT FREE app to get kids to learn how to make decisions. Check it out. #Pete2014
  4.  can make a discussion board for your class if you can’t use Google+. Create after class conversations #pete2014
  5. Home from #pete2014, great to see my long time PLN face to face again, meet new friends, and finally meet some long time PLN for first time.
  6. @shareski it was my pleasure, keep spreading the word and reminding us we we chose this profession. #pete2014
  7. It was great seeing many of my PLN face to face again at #pete2014
  8. “I am not anti-assessment, I am anti-simple.” Discuss and do more. @shareski #pete2014
  9. “Why School” by Will Richardson is a must read, ebook format @shareski #pete2014
  10. The purpose of school is not to graduate kids, it is to get them to love learning for life. @shareski #pete2014
  11. Start class w/”This is what I learned yesterday, or today.” @shareski #pete2014
  12. Students self assess work before they submit it, they own it. #pete2014
  13. 2 critical ?’s for students: What did you learn from others? What did you contribute to others? @shareski #pete2014
  14. We need to bring back the concept of community to the classroom. @shareski #pete2014
  15. Exit ticket for class, students must ask a question before they leave. @shareski #pete2014
  16. Excellent read “The Book of Learning and Forgetting” @shareski #pete2014
  17. Introduce kids to new concepts they would not normally think about. @shareski #pete2014
  18. Photo a day blog, forces you to look for things you haven’t seen before, break the routine. @shareski #pete2014
  19. @shareski Great Keynote, thank you for pushing for USEFUL change and positive energy. #pete2014
  20. Showing gratitude is key, we need to get better at this. @shareski #pete2014
  21. We need to share the joyful moments that occur in your classroom or school. @shareski #pete2014
  22. Instead of sending a weekly newsletter how about doing weekly updates with students and videotape it! #Pete2014
  23. “…learning should be visible” thanks @shareski Inspiring keynote this morning.
  24. There are tons of great resources out there, but nothing beats personalization for your students. @shareski #pete2014
  25. Not Sage on the Stage or Guide on the Side, but Meddler in the Middle. @shareski #pete2014
  26. Show how you learn, even if it isn’t about your class or curriculum, learning is important . #pete2014
  27. Students should be able to answer, “How does your teacher learn?” If not, you have a problem. @shareski #pete2014
  28. Will your students like or hate that you missed three days to attend #pete2014 do they think you’re unique?
  29. What do you do to make kids WANT to come to your school? @shareski #pete2014
  30. One of the best things you can do for your students is to be an interesting person. @shareski #pete2014
  31. “You don’t get to be bored, because of all the awesomeness around you.” #pete2014
  32. Half of your happiness comes from genetics 10% from circumstance so we control 40% #pete2014
  33. When I grow up I want to be happy @shareski #PETE2014 How to inspire life long learning and make it joyful.
  34. We feed kids in school b/c they weren’t getting food elsewhere, why can’t we provide them joy too?’ @shareski #pete2014
  35. @shareski “we need to have students reach a high level of engagement. Don’t settle for kids just paying attention for a grade.” #pete2014
  36. @shareski, the def. of positive school environment is good, but how do we achieve that? Do we achieve that? #pete2014
  37. School needs to be fun again, do joyful things just for the sake of fun. Kids will appreciate school again. #pete2014
  38. #pete2014 @shareski Stop the old mindset……if it doesn’t raise the test scores then we can’t do it. Shift to increasing JOY and learning!
  39. Enjoying #pete2014 and the keynote going on right now by Dean Shareski! The question of joy!
  40. “Rigor- condition that makes life difficult. A tremor that causes a chill. Why is this used to describe education?” #pete2014
  41. “We need math to build cool stuff.” better way to explain to kids why we need these skills. @shareski #pete2014
  42. “We need to explain why learning is important, in a better way to the kids.” @shareski #pete2014
  43. @shareski “Why do we take the joy out of learning for the kids?” #pete2014
  44. @shareski “when you think back about your students you do not remember them by their test scores.” #pete2014
  45. RT @rjbaxter: Dean Shareski “it’s always awesome to rank and put numbers on kids… Probably not.”#Pete2014
  46. Archived Virtual PETE & C video session are now up on site #pete2014
  47. Come to Cocoa Suite 5 at 9:30 to hear about our district technology standards, iPad pilot and library redesign! #Pete2014
  48. Looking around room awaiting @shareski ‘s Keynote for Day 2 of #pete2014, my PLN is everywhere!
  49. @jgates513 I am sure your preso will still rock. You are tops at what you do!
  50. We HUGELY under-estimate: 1.The capabilities our young people. 2.The capabilities of our technology. 3.What an education could & should be.
  51. Bubble Pop Multiplication – An Exercise in Multiplication Practice 
  52. Still looking for the session rescheduled from yesterday – Poetry and Peer Teaching with FaceTime. Anyone know? #Pete2014
  53. Most creativity dies quietly but some rebels. We send these kids to detention.
  54. Three Powerful Google Drive tools for Teachers. Kaizena voice comments are amazing, feedback students need. 
  55. Day one of #pete2014 down, looking forward to @PAECT dinner this evening.
  56. @bslope has students creating extra apps just for fun, not for a grade. #pete2014
  57. @bslope draws kids in to class w/concept of gaming, students learn to focus on problem solving & creation #pete2014
  58. @jbrinson21 Your students rocked their preso, so glad they were chosen. Students need platform to voice their successes. #pete2014
  59. One more set of 10 more app creation tools: 
    #pete2014 @SrtaLisa glad to return the educational favor; web 2.0 dues
  60. 21st Century Skill tie in. Collaboration and teamwork to CREATE something new. Can be across curriculum if you choose. #pete2014
  61. Corona SDK, code once and deploy to multiple devices, run simulator #pete2014
  62. @theboobot + QR codes = library book review challenge. @amackley, for book speed dating activity? #pete2014 #edtechchat
  63. Free until you go to market, Unity 3D app maker, more intense creator  #pete2014
  64. Stencyl has many starter packs built in. Kids take basic info and build on it. #pete2014
  65. Students now creating apps for mobile devices, many outside of school systems. We need to change this. #pete2014
  66. Why programming matters, views from those who do and make a difference. #pete2014
  67. @jbrinson21 Give kids topic idea, they blog and comment on at least 2 other posts. Students enjoy exercise, lose stress. #pete2014
  68. @jbrinson21 have kids blog about one thing awesome every week, no rubric, just let them write and reflect. #pete2014
  69. Sometimes you do not reach all of your goals, but you grow from your failures, not everyone is perfect. CBL lesson #pete2014 @jbrinson21
  70. CBL allows students to put skills learned earlier in school to use in real world situations. Ties it all together. #pete2014 @jbrinson21
  71. Tweet & RT for a chance to win a FREE seat in online course Collaboration in Digital Classroom  #iu21intel #pete2014
  72. CBL allows students to self-reflect and realize learning is “more than a grade.” #pete2014 @jbrinson21
  73. We should never be afraid to let the kids questions guide where we go next as teachers @peteandc #pete2014
  74. CBL has students work with professionals in the community, they learn what is needed to be successful in real world, #pete2014 @jbrinson21
  75. Students learn to adapt learning while working through CBL, sounds a lot like learning life in a real world setting. #pete2014 @jbrinson21
  76. CBL creates a “collaborative support system” between students. #pete2014 @jbrinson21
  77. CBL helps make students aware of their community and its needs. Pushes positivity. #pete2014 @jbrinson21
  78. CBL, students must make sure goals are achievable, it is part of the learning process. @jbrinson21 #pete2014
  79. CBL students explaining their projects and WHY they chose them in Empire A, #pete2014 @jbrinson21
  80. @kditzler currently presenting on the use of IPADs in the classroom. Watch online or view from the overflow room in Tower. #pete2014
  81. Challenge Based Learning: Overarching concept:
    “How do you move your world forward?” #pete2014 @jbrinson21
  82. Challenge Based Learning Essential Questions are student driven, solution is student planned. #pete2014
  83. Challenge Based Learning about changing your world and moving it forward. #pete2014
  84. @anderson28: @alytapp Select all text (in any program) – Go to services – Add to itunes as a spoken track.” Useful! #pete2014
  85. Design flyers to spread the word online | Smore  Another great resource to Make It Stick! #pete2014
  86. Empire A, Challenge Based Learning, @jbrinson21 students presenting this session. #pete2014
  87. FAP, fixed action patterns, embedded learning codes in us. @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  88. Ion Allstar iPad Guitar $35 on Amazon. The resources keep flowing @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  89. Voiceband, app to turn voice into an instrument. Available on iOS and Android platform. @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  90. Effective Tech Ideas? Come & Get ‘Em!
    Presenter: Traci Blazosky website:  #pete&c #pete2014
  91. My 4th graders wrote, published, and sold a Lulu book & donated over $600 to Haiti relief @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014 The power of an idea.
  92.  allows you to create and outsource 3D printing, don’t rely on single printer. @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  93. Create an afterschool club to get things started, it does not need to be called curriculum. @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  94. @kevinhoneycutt giving verbal list of must read books for educational ideas. Need to find list on website. #pete2014
  95. @kevinhoneycutt connect with him via FB, he will Skype in to talk w/staff and admin. #pete2014
  96. #pete2014 the problem with a hashtag trending is all the bloody spam. Ugh.
  97. Keynote at #pete2014 was excellent! Kevin Honeycutt was truly great, what a tremendous message for all of us!
  98. Don’t just use Sketchup in art. Have students create a scene from a poem or history or your own house #pete2014
  99. Stop teaching technology and teach with technology. #pete2014
  100. @mrmartella Google Sketch up has 3D models for science already made up.
  101. Teaching 3 dimensional concepts on a 2 dimensional surface is counter-intuitive. @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  102. @tlandrydtsd: I don’t have to know how to use it to allow it. Become a tradigital teacher. @kevinhoneycutt #PETE2014#twtduq
  103. Stop teaching technology and start teaching with technology. @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  104. How thick is the Photoshop manual? How can God get his word to his people in fewer words than Adobe? @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  105. Start a revolution with me. Break into every classroom and burn every file cabinet. #pete2014
  106. “We are dying of humble, we need to tell our stories” @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  107. Accept all kids…. You may make a difference in someone’s life! @kevinhoneycutt #PETE2014
  108. Don’t buy the veneer. Scary kids are hiding something. #pete2014
  109. “Don’t wait until you’re good, just do it. Do it now, or you’ll never start.” #pete2014
  110. Flip your classroom….archive the lecture and do something meaningful in class! #pete2014
  111. I didn’t know “No Child Left Behind” meant “No Child Left Untested.” @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  112. He ran into a passionate history teacher and is becoming a history teacher. I hope I can emulate that. @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  113. Dragon dictation is free, let kids use it to “type” work. #pete2014
  114. I sat in empty front seat they weren’t smart they were following the code, next right answer is next dark black word in book LOL #pete2014
  115. Use Skype and Google Hangouts to bring in FREE experts to talk w/students. Use IWB as a window,not a posterboard. @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  116. every kid deserves a front row seat…every where I’m standing is the front row #pete2014 @kevinhoneycutt
  117. Invite parents to view student Google Docs when they research. @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  118. Kids want to change the world, we need to let them. #pete2014
  119. Invite kids to help us, makes kids learn without realizing it. @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  120. Having a secret online life breeds sociopaths and politicians. #pete2014
  121. Your digital legacy is everything everyone can google about you forever @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  122. “Digital Legacy” tweets and likes are forever, think before you click. @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  123. Never drop to others’ level, stay above the fray and meanness. @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  124. You have to meet kids where they are. KevinHoneycutt #pete2014
  125. Kids are connected, so we need to connect and constantly learn too. @kevinhoneycutt #pete2014
  126. It’s a big day for the 60in60® franchise: App Attack, session B01; Top 100 web & app tools, session C01. Both in Trinidad. #pete2014 #60in60
  127. The @PAECT booth is across from the registration desk. Check to make sure your membership is up to date. Receive a gift, too! #pete2014
  128. Hybrid learning key component of Sec of Ed opening remarks at #pete2014 To learn more consider attending a Hybrid Learning session today
  129. @meichel: My techie friends, I need a ride to Days Inn after Tuesday dinner. Can anyone help out? #pete14 #pete2014
  130. Challenge Based Learning — get the students’ perspective! Mon. 2:30 Empire A. How do you move your world forward? #pete2014 #pete14
  131. How many former CFF Coaches are in the house? Keep on representing!! #pete2014
  132. #pete2014 Gamification and Flipped Instruction moved to Tuesday 10:45 Cocoa. Come Play! 
  133. Just checked in and heading to lodge soon. Looking forward to #petec2014

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