Mac Convert

I have used Gateway computers for over eight years, PC’s since my first stint in Grad school way back in the early 90’s. After two days of training, I have changed my ways. I recently attended Mac Training at Ellwood City High School, I was graciously invited even though I am not a teacher there. I found that for implementing multimedia projects in my classroom, you can’t beat a Mac. The software is much easier to learn that the programs that I currently use with my PC. Being able to focus the students on creating projects instead of learning programs is the benefit with a Mac.

I have spent a lot of my own money on programs for my PC, which are actually included with the Macs. And truthfully, the Mac programs are just as good and in many instances better than what I paid for.

I am looking to buy my first Mac later this summer, making the leap if you will. I will still use my Gateway laptop, it has been faithful to me in my endeavors of expanding my online knowledge and building my classes in the virtual world. But I must admit that I am looking forward to the leap forward with a Macbook that will enable me to do what I currently do, but with greater ease.