Today’s Wiki-work

The students seemed to grasp the ideas with the notes on the Executive Branch.  We worked as a class and I showed them how to fiddle around with some of the options we can do. They are allowed to edit the space, so they need to be able to do these tasks successfully. They seem to like the group setting and I use their ideas, we will see if it transfers to work outside of the classroom.

Wikispace Knowledge

I need to expand my knowledge of the wikispace universe. I learned a neat trick last week of imbedding video right into my pages, but I need to learn how to indent the students’ notetaking work. The students are learning quite a bit, so I need to stay ahead of the curve to better help them with the site. The tutorials are easy to understand, I just need more time!

Modeling in the Classroom.

I have been trying to model notetaking on my class wikispace with both my Freshmen and senior classes. I believe I am making some headway, but I can  not be sure. I use the LCD projector and we work cooperatively with the class to brainstorm and edit notes from class sources. I am hoping that by showing them the process and that mistakes can happen and they will understand not only the information but learning process better. Sometimes it doesn’t show, especially when I turn them loose outside of class, but some seem to be getting it.

Online Resource info from Capella

The powerpoint has more information than I have time to research., though I started a Slideshare account so I could download the ppt. It looks as if I can move forward with my plans even if the school does not go with school-wide Blackboard next year, just a lot more work on my part. Link to powerpoint is on my Twitter and here: