Digital Housekeeping

Yesterday, I was reflecting on some of my notes from PETE & C last week.  I am trying to round out my digital footprint from strictly “Techno Geek” stuff to adding more of the “Social, Non-Educational Me” stuff.  In the process of reflecting I noticed that my iPhone is running out of storage space.  Upon further review, I had over 380 new pictures that were not uploaded anywhere for safe keeping.

Since I was off from work, I decided to do some “Digital Housekeeping.”   I opened up several photo apps on my iPhone and began uploading the images to the appropriate websites.  I keep my family photos on one website, they are locked down as private; there is nothing inappropriate on the site, I am just more comfortable not sharing EVERYTHING with the world.

I also uploaded a bunch of images to my Flickr account.  This account has all of the images labeled with the Creative  Commons Reusable with Attribution license.  I place many generic, everyday photos of things I come in contact with here.  I make my students search for open source and resusable images when creating projects for class.  It is my belief that I should give back to the system and add images for others to use.

All images sent to Flickr also go to my family storage site, there is an overlap, but storage is free, so why not take advantage of the space.  Once I upload images, I am working on keeping only my favorites on my device.  This will free up Gigabytes of space on my phone and allow me to record many more family moments and general interesting events I see.  I need to do digital housekeeping on a regular basis and I still have a long way to go with pairing down the images on my devices.