iPods In Class

Having iPods available for every student in a classroom is very beneficial for many reasons.  Not only does it give students the opportunity to search the World Wide Web for information as it is being taught in class, but it also allows the students to interact and participate more since they have access to so much information.  Overall, having these iPods in the classroom really broadens a child’s education.

As a teacher is teaching in class, what better way for the students to understand the lesson than to have them look up the definitions themselves in a quick and efficient way?  Using the iPods does just that.  They give students the ability to really gain a lot more knowledge than just having a textbook in front of them.

Along with being quick and efficient, teachers are always looking for children to participate in class and the iPods are a great way to get students to interact with the teacher and also other students.  From the iPods alone, students that are usually very quiet and do not talk off task, they are speaking up more and more to explain any information they found.

IPods are really a great thing to have in the classroom but there are some thing’s I feel that are better to be done on paper than the iPod itself.  Taking test and also taking notes are more beneficial to do on paper.  Tests are hard as it is, so taking them on little computer screens is very hard and adds more stress to students than they need.  Also, taking notes on iPods are not a good idea because when a student writes something on paper it is easier to remember.  But besides these two little issues, like I stated before, there are so many great aspects to having iPods in the classroom.

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